iPhone 7 rumoured to have 5-inch OLED screen

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Rumours surrounding two of Apple's next big releases, the Apple Watch and iPhone 7, have mentioned a larger OLED display for both devices.

The rumour comes from MacX.cn (via Design & Trend), a relatively reliable source for advanced news on Apple products, which says that various-seized OLED screens have been requested from Apple manufacturers Foxconn in time for 2016/2017.

Based on the information given, the iPhone 7 could very well sport a 5-inch screen with 400ppi resolution. The iPhone 6, Apple's latest smartphone release, has a 4.7-inch screen with 326ppi.

The screen would offer improved sharpness, and may be one way in which Apple plans to upgrade the iPhone 7. The rumour also states the Apple Watch could also make use of an OLED screen.

Speculation has the iPhone 6S launching in 2015, which would suggest that an iPhone 7 would not arrive until the following year. Other theories have the two devices launching together, which would suggest that rumours about the display of the latter could be false.

The Apple Watch is also mentioned by the source, however, and could be the first Apple device to make use of an improved OLED display.

No official release date for the Apple Watch has been announced, although it is thought the wearable will launch in "early 2015" after a recent change to Apple's EU website.

Caroline Preece

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