iOS 10 release date, features and rumours: iOS 10 users no longer allowed to upgrade or downgrade to iOS 10.3.2

30/11/2016:iOS 10.1.1 is causing massive battery drain issues

Users of the recently released iOS 10.1.1 are reporting severe battery problems as a result of the update, in some cases displaying incorrect charge percentages or devices shutting down at random.

Applesupport forumsare awash with angry customers, who claim that iPhones running the latest iOS 10 update are suddenly dropping from 30% charge to 1% in an instant. Users are able to turn the device back on, which then functions as normal for a few hours.

"Shutting the phone down at night with a good 80% charge, it won't reboot in the morning due to no battery charge," said one forum user. "I plug it in and its back to 30% in a few seconds."

Other users have reported batteries suddenly giving out despite the device showing a 50% remaining charge. Most users are citing a recent update to iOS 10.1.1 as the culprit.

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"Last year I bought an iPhone 6S, currently updated with iOS 10.1.1," said another user. "The battery fails between 20 and 40% of capability. Apple support answers that I have to wait for the next iOS version."

The issue appears to be affecting a range of iPhone models, from the iPhone 4 through to the newest iPhone 7 Plus.

Although a beta version for iOS 10.2 is now available, it seems updating to this has not resolved the issue for some users. Apple has yet to offer an explanation or a solution to the battery problem, and there is no guarantee that rolling back to iOS 10 will fix the issue.

IT Pro has reached out to Apple for comment but has yet to receive a reply.

This latest fault comes just a week after Apple offered replacement batteries to customers after reports that iPhone 6S devices were shutting down at random.

01/11/2016:Apple releases first iOS 10.2 beta to developers

Apple is now releasing the beta for iOS 10.2 to developers, just a month after the launch of iOS 10.

The update should include bug fixes, new tools and general improvements as well as new emojis, wallpapers, camera settings, video widgets and an emergency contacts feature.

The new camera settingincludes a Preserve Settings option, through which users will be able to maintain their last camera mode or photo filter, and decide whether to keep Live Photos on or off.

The new beta also allows Apple Music users sort their playlists by type, title or recently added.

The previous update, 10.1, also introduced several new features, such as a new Portrait photography mode for the iPhone 8's dual-camera system.

Registered developers can download the new beta for iOS 10.2 from the Apple Developer Center.

28/10/2016:Apple tried to embarrass Google at its 'Hello Again' event yesterday, by comparing the percentage of iOS users and Android users on the latest versions of the respective operating systems.

Apple's pie charts (included below) suggested that 60% of iPhone and iPad owners are on iOS 10, while less than 1% of Android users are on Nougat (Android 7).

Moreover, it reported that 32% of iOS users are running iOS 9 on their phone, while only 8% are using earlier iOS versions.

This was compared to 19% of Android users using Android 6, and 80% running even older versions of the operating system.

Apple meant to highlight how iOS updates are perceived as more reliable by Apple device users, while users with a phone that runs on Android are less eager to update their software.

Statistics from Netmarketshare comparing the total market share of different versions of Android, as well as other mobile OSes' shares, seem to report similar numbers.

The stats show Android 7, included in the pie chart in the 'Other' segment, runs on a small minority of users' smartphones, representing 0.12% of the total share market.

However, not all smartphone makers have brought Android 7 to their devices yet, meaning many users don't have access to it.