Pingman Tools’ CloudConnect makes remote work troubleshooting easier

Pingman Tools has announced its new CloudConnect, a remote network monitoring solution specifically for work-from-home users and remote learners.

In today’s challenging times, remote education and working have become the new normal, and the shift from the classroom or office to home isn’t without its challenges. Specifically, bad Wi-Fi connections and poor call quality have risen steadily since March.

With CloudConnect, IT technicians can collect and visualize real-time network diagnostics through this app, making it easier to resolve end-user issues quickly and conveniently worldwide.

"If you can't connect to Zoom, we can show each step in the route between your laptop and Zoom's server to pinpoint the source of the issue," said Pingman Tools founder and CEO Pete Ness.

“A support person can see if the problem is the Wi-Fi router, something with your internet provider, or Zoom itself. Then imagine being able to do the same test for hundreds of laptops at once. That's CloudConnect."

CloudConnect also stores trace data on a cloud server, so if a user loses connection with the agent, the agent’s data will be ready upon reconnection.

PingPlotter, Pingman Tools’ graphical traceroute and ping tool, will sync with CloudConnect and create a seamless timeline, so no information is lost. CloudConnect is currently available for Windows and macOS platforms.

According to Pingman Tools: “Deploying CloudConnect is as simple for the person you’re helping as it is for you. All your client needs is a version of PingPlotter installed on their device.

"CloudConnect generates a custom activation link to calibrate settings on their end, so there’s no need to spend an hour talking someone through firewall settings.”