Vodafone launches IoT-enabled camera to screen employee temperatures

Vodafone has announced the launch of a heat detection camera that can monitor the temperature of employees returning to offices.

The heat detection camera, developed in partnership with Digital Barriers, uses Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to screen the temperature of 100 people per minute.

This might prove useful once UK lockdown restrictions are eased and employees start to return to the office, particularly thanks to its ability to screen multiple employees starting a shift at the same time.

The device uses both thermal and HD cameras in order to deliver information on real-time body temperature, accurate to within around 0.3 degrees Celcius. Vodafone said that the product has been designed for both business and public sector customers, and could be used to provide additional protection for front-of-house employees such as reception and security staff.

Vodafone UK business director Anne Sheehan said that during the coronavirus crisis, the company’s role has been "to keep the UK connected”.

In late March, Vodafone was one of the UK’s telecom companies to remove all data caps on fixed-line broadband services in order to help people, especially isolated high-risk seniors, remain connected during the pandemic.

“Now, we want to help UK organisations get their people back to work while prioritising their safety. The Heat Detection Camera is a helpful tool to support this goal, every organisation needs one. We believe technology-led solutions will play an important role in return-to-work strategies,” she said.


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Vodafone has set the price of the Heat Detection Camera at £1,711 per month on a 12-month term, excluding VAT. The camera comes complete with a laptop and tablet, full installation, and a 24/7 secure managed service that monitors the system infrastructure and sends field engineers if a camera fails.

The launch comes after Vodafone announced the launch of a new Cyber Enhanced managed security service aimed at protecting the resources and digital estates of critical national infrastructure providers.

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