Cobham Wireless introduces 5G validation platform


Cobham Wireless has developed a 5G testing platform that will make it easier for networks to test performance of their 5G services before making them available to customers.

The company's TM500 5G test poses as multiple 5G devices at once, trying to connect to the same network to check how robust the connection is when under pressure. It supports the majority of 5G technologies and is compatible with pre-3GPP standards. It will also be able to test networks operating across frequencies.

The company explained the new platform will make it faster for operators to test their networks, with reduced latency. If there's a problem, it can be rectified faster, helping solutions arrive on the market sooner.

"Cobham Wireless' 5G test solution directly addresses the immediate KPIs for 5G, helping the industry accelerate the development and deployment of next generation mobile and broadband services," commented Ian Langley, senior vice president and general manager at Cobham Wireless.

"Developing and validating their 5G networks using the TM500 will give our customers the confidence to deploy the infrastructure needed to support next generation technologies, such as mobile edge computing."

As well as covering networks, Cobham Wireless explained it also wants to attract those developing IoT devices, such as connected cars, smart medical devices and advanced augmented and virtual reality, which rely on a stable connection to operate properly.

"The industry-first solution is in use today and our team is constantly working to advance our solutions to support the profiles of evolving technologies, providing a future-proof means of testing 5G networks," Dr Stamatis Georgoulis, product director at Cobham Wireless said.

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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