Windows 8.1 users warned of June 10 deadline for OS Update 1

Windows 8

Windows 8.1 users are being urged to install Update 1 as soon as possible, as from 10 June they will no longer receive patches and fixes from Microsoft for their systems unless they do.

Moved from the original date of 13 May, the extended deadline of 10 June was imposed by Microsoft for Windows 8.1 users who had not yet installed the operating system's first update.

Business users, however, have until 12 August to update their systems to allow for those using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), Windows Intune or System Centre Configuration to get their IT estate up-to-date.

Though the deadline is designed to prompt users to update quickly, those with Automatic Updates turned on do not need to take action as the update will have already been installed. Those running Windows 8, rather than Windows 8.1, are also exempt from this warning, with support from Microsoft continuing until January 2016.

The Update has been created with mouse and keyboard users in mind, and is designed to make the experience more pleasant for those wishing to use standard navigation and typing methods, with a significant security update also included. It is also cumulative and so contains all previous updates.

Users will also be able to boot straight into the desktop view, rather than the Windows start menu as was standard before. This can be changed manually, though.

The Windows Server 2012 R2 Update also needs to be installed now, if users want to continue to receive updates from Microsoft. This includes many bug and security fixes, and the deadline for it was also 10 June.

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