Windows 10 won't boost Microsoft's tablet sales until 2016

Windows 10 will not dramatically improve tablet sales for Microsoft for a while, analysts say, with the company unlikely to see the benefits of the new operating system in the sector until late-2016.

Tablet sales will double between now and 2019, CCS Insight told Expert Reviews, but the launch of Windows 10 may not help Microsoft grab a larger section of the tablet market until much later.

Marina Koytcheva, director of forecasting at CCS Insight, said: "Microsoft still runs the risk of failing to convert the wide availability of cheaper Windows tablets into strong growth in unit sales before 2017.

"Windows 10 will take time to make its mark, and developers will need a few months to perfect applications for the new platform. We expect Windows 10 to have little impact on tablet sales before late 2016."

While Apple is undoubtedly winning in the high-end market, she says, and Android dominates users in the mid-range and low-end markets, Windows is catching up.

"Microsoft's decision to scrap its licence fee for Windows devices under nine inches is a major factor," she added. "It has given Windows fresh impetus, as it has spurred manufacturers to produce a better range of devices at a variety of prices."

The firm points to apps as one area where Windows devices struggle against Apple and Android tablets, and where it needs to improve if it hopes to capture a bigger portion of the market.

Microsoft is set to launch the consumer preview of the operating system on 21 January.

Caroline Preece

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