Proofpoint unveils new platform designed to simplify corporate compliance

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Cyber security provider Proofpoint has released a new Intelligent Compliance Platform designed to provide enterprises with modern regulatory safeguards while simplifying corporate legal protection devices.

Leveraging the company’s machine learning engine, the offering serves up AI-powered collection, classification, detection, prevention, search, eDiscovery, supervision, as well as next-gen predictive analytics – all while meeting complex compliance and information governance obligations.


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The platform can classify and predict risks across a range of digital communications channels, files, email, and endpoint activities.

Proofpoint says this enables teams within compliance, IT, information management, and legal to gain visibility and access information with superior fidelity, as well as preventing risks in real time.

“We understand today’s organisations are overwhelmed with growing volumes of data that are incredibly difficult to manage,” explained Kevin Leusing, senior vice president and general manager of Compliance at Proofpoint.

“For Compliance and Legal staff, that means having to manually search and review petabytes of messages or files from regulatory compliance, supervisory, or investigation review queues.”

Instead, Proofpoint’s new Intelligent Compliance Platform pulls from several of the firm’s solutions to tackle the issue, including Capture, Patrol, Track, Archive, Discover, Supervision, and Automate.

Existing customers can leverage the platform in two different ways. Those looking for efficiency can reduce supervised communications content review time by up to 84%, the company says.

For teams more focused on effectiveness, sentiment analysis of communications data and a variety of machine learning models enable early detection of organisational behavioural misconduct.

Either way, Proofpoint says customers can easily manage communication content from platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Meta, and Slack, thanks to its unified data collection and preservation.

Customers can also automate risk detection in real time communications, reduce time spent on data review by bypassing pre-flagged content, as well as leverage AI-powered data discovery with case management.

“The new Intelligent Compliance Platform vastly improves the detection of non-compliant communications and content while quickly pinpointing supervised insider risks,” Leusing added.

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