Kyndryl and Veeam unveil new global strategic alliance

Information technology infrastructure provider Kyndryl (USA) booth at Tokyo Rainbow Parade 2023
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Kyndryl and Veeam have formed a new strategic alliance to provide customers with comprehensive cyber resiliency services.

Building on the companies’ existing relationship, the initiative will see Kyndryl operate as a Veeam accredited service partner (VASP) and offer professional services and technical implementation integrated with Veeam solutions.

The partnership will combine Kyndryl’s expertise in managed security services and infrastructure capabilities with Veeam technology to provide businesses with simplified data protection and ransomware recovery, improved operational efficiency, regulatory compliance features, and seamless data mobility.

Customers will also be able to leverage cloud-native and Kubernetes environments with advanced security capabilities.

In an announcement, the pair said the offering will help improve business continuity, reduce operational costs, as well as increase business agility.

“Veeam is focused on ensuring organizations are prepared to bounce forward when the worst happens,” said Veeam CRO John Jester.

“Whether it’s a cyber attack, an outage, or a natural disaster, we give customers peace of mind that their data is safe and can be rapidly recovered to keep their business running.

“We’re excited to bring our technology together with the scale and expertise of Kyndryl to bring the benefits of Veeam technology to customers around the world. Together, we will keep businesses running.”

Expanded resiliency options

The pair said the new alliance adopts an integrated approach that will help customers bolster their overall cyber resilience and recover effectively from threats that arise from cyber incidents, human error, and hardware failures.

This approach includes simplified vendor transitions for a seamless switch to security and compliance rich cloud-based infrastructure, complete with scalable and customizable options for hybrid and multi-cloud backup and recovery.

Users will be able to leverage data protection tools for modern SaaS applications, data, and systems via a single platform, while integrated automation aims to help drive operational efficiency and provide flexibility to adapt to business needs and industry changes.

“With the ever-growing threat from cyber risks, maintaining cyber resiliency is a top priority for our customers,” said Debbie Nevin, Kyndryl’s vice president of global alliances.

“Our partnership with Veeam enables us to support our customers’ business continuity posture and ability to recover from increasingly more sophisticated cyber incidents.”

Christophe Bertrand, practice director at research firm Enterprise Strategy Group, said the Kyndryl and Veeam alliance will serve a market that is “in dire need of advanced cyber resilience globally.”

“The robust offerings that these long-time partners have devised, based on their respective technologies and skill sets, are laser-focused on core customer and market needs,” he said.

“We have been watching this partnership successfully grow over the last few years, and we expect that these robust offerings will be well received at a time when enterprises are struggling with IT complexity and cyber crime.”

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