The 'cyber aSaaSin' manual

Assassin's Creed hooded figure with Outlook, Salesforce, and Google icons in circles around him
(Image credit: Kaseya)

Many organizations still don’t back up their SaaS data. They believe that the protection of their SaaS data is the responsibility of the SaaS vendors. However, the liability for the availability and protection of data falls on the organization. This data protection gap exposes organizations to potential data loss, compliance and governance violations, and general operational risks.

Threat actors operating in the dark exploit these gaps and gain entry into the business ecosystem with the malicious intent of stealing SaaS data. Organizations, therefore, must have an effective stratagem to combat the ill effects of such data threats.

Download this manual to gain insights into how Spanning can be the “Cyber ASaaSin” you need to identify SaaS data enemies and stop them in their tracks.

Provided by   Spanning - a Kaseya company


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