Check Point targets partner growth with MSSP program revamp

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Cyber security solutions provider Check Point has unveiled a host of enhancements to its MSSP Partner Program, designed to help tackle the cyber security workforce shortage and rise in digital threats. 

The initiative has been revamped to offer a more robust and flexible service model, the firm said, featuring simplified onboarding, predictable revenue streams, new solutions, as well as a comprehensive security ecosystem. 

In an announcement, Check Point said the updated program is a direct response to evolving needs in the global managed security services market, which is currently experiencing “unprecedented growth.”

“MSSPs have a big opportunity to capitalize on the demand for their services, but they face their own challenges in a rapidly changing world,” said Shahar Divon, Check Point’s head of global SMB sales. 

“At the operational level, these teams spend too much time handling hundreds of alerts daily, tying up resources that could be better spent on more urgent requests.

“That is where our MSSP Partner Program can deliver real value, not only for those that have security as a practice, but also MSPs that are looking for ways to protect their customers.”

A “revolutionized” program

Check Point said its changes are not merely incremental adjustments, but significant additions that “revolutionize” the program. MSSPs of various sizes can now take advantage of simplified onboarding, as well as predictable revenue streams.

The new consumption-based pricing model introduces fixed, pay-as-you-go, and tiered options that have been designed to make Check Point’s services more accessible and convenient through local distribution channels. 

Partners can also leverage the latest managed security services across all vectors, the firm added, including SASE, email security, SD-WAN, and mobile security. 

These security management features are accessible via the Infinity Portal, which leverages Check Point’s ThreatCloud AI solution to integrate all elements of security management for convenient management. 


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Support remote teams and manage customer environments


Additionally, the program serves up free training for managing PAYG licenses via the portal, distributor support, an agile user management tool for handling user access and customer requirements, as well as a security ecosystem that includes services across all attack vectors, Check Point said. 

“We have now streamlined the business model and simplified the onboarding process, making it easier for partners of any size to access our innovative products and scale their operations as needed,” Divon added. “We believe the simplicity and agility is what sets our program apart in the market.”

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