Lenovo introduces ThinkSystem SR645 and SR665 two-socket servers

Lenovo announced the launch of two new two-socket servers, the ThinkSystem SR645 and SR665, expanding the company’s portfolio of AMD's EPYC processor-powered data center servers and marking its entry into the dual-socket AMD EPYC solution market.

The launch of these new servers follows last year’s release of the ThinkSystem SR635 and SR655 single-socket servers.

The ThinkSystem SR645 and SR665 two-socket server platforms come equipped with 128 central processing unit (CPU) cores per system and up to two 64-core AMD EPYC 7002 processors.

“Our new Lenovo ThinkSystem servers are designed for workloads such as in-memory databases, advanced analytics, virtualization, and AI,” noted Kamran Amini, VP and general manager of server, storage and software defined infrastructure at Lenovo Data Center Group.

“With the exceptional power, speed, and onboard storage of these new servers, our customers have the ability to handle the increasing data requirements of today’s workloads with the scalability to grow with their business.”

Lenovo created these new servers with an eye on the financial, retail and manufacturing industries, which require faster transaction processing and improved data analytics. These industries also require optimal grid-computing capacity without compromising the efficiency or the total cost of ownership, these new servers aim to deliver in these areas too.

With the addition of the new ThinkSystem SR645 and SR665 servers, Lenovo can help its customers in these industries ramp up higher-performance workloads to improve efficiency.

With their higher core counts, customers can scale down the number of servers they need, making them ideal for areas where rack space is limited. The financial industry, where servers are typically housed in tight quarters near financial exchanges, is a great example where these high-performing servers will work best.

“Lenovo’s endless pursuit of innovations to accelerate our customers’ intelligent transformation has been paramount in our rise to become one of the fastest-growing data center OEMs in the world,” shared Doug Fisher, Lenovo Data Center Group COO, and SVP of business units.

Fisher continued, “Today Lenovo is expanding our AMD relationship with new, fully optimized solutions to help our joint customers address complex and data-intensive workloads, enabling them to do more with less while still providing uncompromised end-to-end security.”

The new Lenovo ThinkSystem SR665 and SR645 solutions are now available through Lenovo sales reps and partners worldwide.