Dell welcomes certifications for SAP HANA

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Dell has confirmed its PowerEdge R920 server has been certified to run SAP HANA at its Enterprise Forum in Frankfurt.

The solution will allow users to turn customer data into business insights faster than before with SAP's real-time business analytics tool speeding deployment and reducing time to value for running SAP HANA applications.

Although the particular server hasn't been workload tested with SAP HANA as yet, initial general tests show the PowerEdge R920 operates up to 71 per cent more efficiently in comparison to the Fujitsu E7-4800 4-socketSAP SD benchmark.

Sam Greenblatt, chief architect, technology officer and vice president of engineered solutions and technology at Dell, said the certification is "another example of how we are working to ensure the two companies' products and technologies are integrated and optimised for use with each other."

Daniel Schneiss, head of HANA platform development at SAP, said: "SAP HANA is the engine that allows businesses to operate in real-time and gain insights from mountains of disparate data.

"Optimised infrastructure and services together with SAP HANA are key for effective customer deployment. Dell is doing great work to help organisations achieve better, faster and more sustainable business results and their latest certifications on SAP HANA are a great step forward."

The Dell PowerEdge R920 with SAP HANA configurations is available now, with scale-out configurations coming later in the summer.

Dell went private in a $24.9 billion (14.9 billion) leveraged buyout last October and is now trying to attract a wider range of business clients with its servers, storage and networking equipment business.

Greenblatt said: "Dell today is a very different company than it was a few short years ago. We have expanded the range of products and solutions we offer customers and are helping them solve business problems in different ways. We have also increased our focus on designing and delivering the best technology infrastructure on which businesses can run mission-critical applications."

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