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SPIXII is changing the world of insurance with the aid of Samsung's mentorship

As winner of the Samsung 01/10/100 pitch-off, SPIXII is gearing up to revolutionise the world of insurance

There are few things worse than going through the rigmarole of buying insurance. Nobody really enjoys filling out those forms, ticking boxes, moving sliders or entering bank details. In an age where technology is making our chaotic lives more straightforward and simple, why is something that is so essential to many so unbelievably cumbersome to obtain?

Enter SPIXII, a startup dedicated to making the process of buying insurance quicker, easier and more personal than ever before. Thanks to the power of an automated intelligent insurance agent, customers can find out which insurance is right for them in an instant and take out a policy there and then. No more forms, no more tickboxes, no more confusing jargon or headaches -- just straightforward insurance.

SPIXII co-founder and CEO Renaud Million summarises SPIXII as "the bridge between insurance companies and their customers". The company's vision is that, by replacing online forms with a chatbot, SPIXII "allows for insurance companies to interact in a personal way with customers".

But as great as that sounds, SPIXII needs to grow before it can really become the powerhouse it deserves to be. Enter the 01/10/100 pitch-off, a collaboration event hosted by Alphr and IT Pro, in association with Samsung, in which the startup with the winning pitch can bag itself a six-month mentorship programme with Samsung's business division.

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SPIXII's clear presentation, persuasive messaging and obvious applications in insurance and beyond made it a surefire winner of 01/10/100 and of Samsung's coveted mentorship programme. These mentorship sessions are intended to help SPIXII successfully achieve the next steps needed to propel the business forward.

Samsung's team of hand-picked mentors comprises Rooster Punk MD James Trezona, Samsung UK head of customer marketing Anna Perkins and Hive founder and Supper Club member Leon Gauhman. Trezona's expertise in brand storytelling can help SPIXII position its product and ethos in the best way possible, while Perkins' deep understanding of vertical markets will help SPIXII really target the right people to grow its business. Finally, Gauhman's role is to hone the appeal of the product in a world beyond insurance -- to help consider diversification options and plan for growth.

You can see how Samsung Business UK and its mentors got on with helping SPIXII start its journey to insurance-industry greatness in the first part of SPIXII's story.

Naturally, the discussions had during SPIXII's group and one-on-one mentorship sessions are entirely confidential. However, the skills and tips learned from Trezona, Perkins and Gauhman are invaluable to any young business looking to successfully move onto the next phase -- which is why they've also provided us with their three top tips to improve your business.

Now that the first session of Samsung's six-month mentorship programme is done and dusted, it's time for SPIXII to reflect on this advice and start working towards the next stage of its business development.

That's not the end of our time with SPIXII, however: we're going to check back in with the startup in a couple of months' time and see just how well it's progressed as it enters the next round of Samsung's mentorship.

Discover more about how Samsung can help create more good days for small businesses.

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