Business strategy

Do we need to improve diversity within cyber security?

We take a look at the industry's ongoing struggle with gender representation and the initiatives helping to create change
16 Dec 2019
Business strategy

Why a diverse workforce builds better products

From avoiding AI SNAFUs to increasing revenue, greater diversity means greater business benefits
13 Dec 2019
Business strategy

The IT Pro Podcast: How upskilling can improve diversity

We explore how to plug your skills gap and address inequalities at the same time
15 Nov 2019
Diverse people
Careers & training

CEO Antonio Neri wants to address HPE's diversity imbalance

Neri reaffirms commitment to inclusivity, but statistics show there's plenty of room to improve
20 Jun 2018
Business operations

Google diversity report shows efforts are "not enough"

Black and Latino workers are leaving the company in their hundreds
18 Jun 2018
Careers & training

The 10 worst excuses for male-dominated company boards

Hampton-Alexander Review brands firms' excuses as "pitiful and patronising"
31 May 2018
Women in STEM
Careers & training

Less than 1% of girls study Computer Science at A-Level

The number of women studying Computer Science dwindles
12 Apr 2018
Business strategy

Microsoft accused of inaction on 238 discrimination claims

Redmond faces potential class-action lawsuit over handling of discrimination and harassment claims
14 Mar 2018
Woman coding
Careers & training

Seven ways to retain your female tech talent

Mentor and develop women in tech, and detoxify your culture
8 Mar 2018
Careers & training

Hiring more women could boost the UK economy by £8.5tn

We need more than pay cuts to close the gender pay gap and data could be the key to solving the problem
8 Mar 2018