Wipro's AI platform to be used in vaccine safety research

COVID-19 vaccine container and syringe
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Wipro has partnered with Transcell Oncologics to use artificial intelligence (AI) in vaccine safety assessments to help predict adverse effects.

The life sciences company has combined its stem cell technology with Wipro HOLMES’s AI capabilities to improve the safety of global vaccine immunisation programmes.

By applying AI to the vaccine development process, the companies hope to predict adverse neurovirulent side effects resulting from vaccinations, reducing the reliance on animal testing in the process.

The deal will also see AI being applied to the repurposing of existing drugs, as well as to stem cell research, in order to measure the safety and potency of new vaccines.

“Enhancing neurovirulence safety assessment through augmented intelligence is a huge step forward in vaccine research and development," said Harmeet Chauhan, Wipro’s global head of engineering and R&D. “This innovative technology allows life science companies and vaccine manufacturers to develop, trial and release safer and more effective vaccines for people around the world.”

Wipro also announced earlier this week it’s investing £16 million over the next four years in a new Innovation Centre that will act as its flagship centre in the UK. The company said it would be integral to providing advanced digital, cyber security and cloud expertise to established and upcoming enterprises, taking the lead on digital transformation in one of Europe’s biggest tech markets.


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UK prime minister Boris Johnson said: “I’m very pleased that Wipro has decided to join the legions of Indian companies investing in the UK, boosting our technology sector and driving economic growth.”

The UK and India agreed on an “Enhanced Trade Partnership” this week which will see 6,500 new jobs created in the UK, of which 2,000 will be created by Indian tech giants Infosys and HCL. Other Indian tech companies are included as well, including MPhasis, which will create 1,000, and Wipro, which will create 500.

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