Checking in on AI regulation

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Generative AI continues to dominate conversations around tech worldwide. Powerful tools such as large language models have already demonstrated clear value, with a range of business use cases and tons of potential to become even more sophisticated as time goes on.

Amongst this progress, however, warnings have been raised. Regulators the world over are carefully assessing the risks posed by AI systems, and those behind some of the most recognizable AI companies including OpenAI and Google have weighed in on the potential risks and benefits of the new technology.

In this episode, Rory is joined by Ross Kelly, IT Pro’s cloud computing specialist and staff writer to discuss the recent developments in AI regulation and where it could be headed.


“It seems to be quite a common tactic among tech moguls around large corporates as well. But by and large, it doesn't seem to work at all with EU regulators. They're very robust in their position, they're very confident in their position frequently and they rarely back down.”

“We had a study by Goldman Sachs earlier this year that showed hundreds of millions of jobs could be lost globally due to generative AI. So there are obviously concerns there. But this is where regulation and rational thinking come into it.”

“I think it's also worth remembering that, you know, the ethical and responsible development and use of AI isn't a new fad. This is something we've been talking about for several years set many years now. So what we'll likely see here is simply the evolution of that to adapt to more powerful tools, the more widespread use of tools.



Rory Bathgate
Features and Multimedia Editor

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