Best Windows Phone apps for 2018


IntSig International Holding Limited

Category: Productivity

Price: 3.99

Mobile document scanning and sharing is essential to our on-the-go lifestyles, and CamScanner can help you scan, store, sync, and collaborate on content. Files are available across smartphones, iPads, tablets, and computers, making it convenient to switch between devices and share your content with others.

Main Idea: Not only is this mobile scanning app a huge convenienceand a necessity for the busy professionalthere are plenty of great features designed to help you work more efficiently.

Alternatives: TinyScan, QuickScan


Spiffy Ventures, L.L.C.

Category: Utilities & tools

Price: Free

This task management app syncs across your Windows devices for a convenient and up-to-date rundown of everything on your to do list. Live Tile Updates provide reminders on your start screen while expiration dates keep your content relevant. If viewing tasks by priority isn't quite cutting it, there's a tag system within the app to give you an alternative outlook.

Main Idea: Effectual shows up the traditional to-do list with built-in organization, expiration dates, and reminders that help keep you on task. Being productive is that much easier when you've got a useful app at hand and helpful reminders on your start screen.

Alternative: Task Manager



Category: Utilities & tools

Price: Free

The Evernote workspace syncs across all of your devices so you can easily switch between tablet, smartphone, and desktop. More than just a note-taking app, create checklists and clip webpages for later reference in one uncluttered workspace. The search tool makes it easy to conduct research and save information without having to worry about how you're going to find it later. Evernote even has a presentation mode and work chat to make it easier for you to collaborate and share your work with others.

Main Idea: This app is here to help you work, but only if you let it. Evernote is an indispensable tool if you use it regularly, but falls flat if you don't take advantage of its unique features. There's a helpful guide to help you get started.

Alternative: OneNote


Microsoft Corp

Category: Productivity

Price: Free

Created by the Microsoft Garage project, InstaNote is a smart way to take audio notes or memos, and assign log references to them. With the app running, users can simply touch their smartphone to turn the last 30 seconds (or more) of recorded audio into its own playable sound clip. This makes it easier to scan through the pivotal parts of a meeting or conversation when transcribing or picking out action points to be acted upon.

Main Idea: InstaNote makes your note taking in meetings as easy as a single touch.


REVE Systems (S) Pte Ltd

Category: Business

Price: Free

A unified communications tool that allows professionals to more seamlessly speak with one another via VoIP calls, SMS, cross-OS instant messaging and more. iTelMobileDialer is the most popular app of its kind for Windows Phone users, with all messaging designed to work over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi and cross-platform instant messaging ensuring you won't have to worry about co-workers using Android or iOS.

Main Idea: This is the easiest and most seamless tool for unifying communication tools on your Windows device, making it perfect for use in a professional setting.

Alternatives: Voice Recorder Pro+, Mini Recorder

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