Code on screen with ransomware in red

Xerox becomes latest Maze ransomware victim

The ransomware group claims a bunch of new victims including the business printing giant
2 Jul 2020
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Xerox officially drops hostile bid for HP amid coronavirus crisis

Firm withdraws its $35 billion offer due to market turmoil caused by COVID-19
1 Apr 2020
mergers and acquisitions

HP claims Xerox takeover would be "disastrous" during coronavirus crisis

HP uses the cover of COVID-19 to encourage shareholders to shut the door on Xerox's hostile takeover
26 Mar 2020
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HP plots $16bn stock buyback as Xerox takeover threat looms

The printing giant says it remains open to consolidation but insists Xerox continues to undervalue the firm
25 Feb 2020
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Xerox turns to public stocks in merger war with HP

Print firm turns up the heat on HP, despite consistent rejections
12 Feb 2020
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Xerox to nominate directors to HP's board – reports

Latest efforts to force an acquisition dubbed "guerilla tactics" by industry watchers
22 Jan 2020