MSI takes Wind to the desktop

MSI is following the now well-trodden Eee PC path by launching a desktop version of its low-cost Wind brand.

The Wind PC will be based on Intel's Atom processor, which has suddenly become the must-have chip for low-cost PCs.

MSI says the Wind PC will only consume 35 watts at full speed, which is a fraction of the power of a normal desktop PC.

That is in no small part due to the power parsimony of the 4W Atom processor, the Atom's speed is no match for Intel's Core range of desktop processors.

The passively-cooled PC will be only 6.5cm wide according to MSI, which is a third of the width of the traditional ATX chassis.

The Wind PC comes in a week full of low-cost PC announcements, with Asus fleshing out the details of its 10in Eee PC, and Acer launching its own low-cost laptop, the Aspire One.

Barry Collins

Barry Collins is an experienced IT journalist who specialises in Windows, Mac, broadband and more. He's a former editor of PC Pro magazine, and has contributed to many national newspapers, magazines and websites in a career that has spanned over 20 years. You may have seen Barry as a tech pundit on television and radio, including BBC Newsnight, the Chris Evans Show and ITN News at Ten.