Businesses backing away from innovation due to risk

There is a growing chasm between IT security and innovation - and it's having a big impact on business, according to RSA and IDC.

In a survey of 200 business executives and security experts, 80 per cent admitted that their businesses had backed away from new innovation opportunities due to information security concerns.

The research also revealed that 80 per cent of chief executives held their security teams accountable for business growth and innovation, while only 44 per cent of security leaders believed they were being measured for their contribution to innovation. This was said to show a lack of understanding between boardroom management and security professionals.

Chris Christiansen, vice president for IDC, said that businesses could not grow without a healthy environment for innovation. He said that although there had been some good progress, the relationship between innovation and security was still very strained.

"The reality is that innovation and security don't need to be competing priorities; they are in fact complimentary," he said.

Christiansen said that the companies which demanded early IT involvement in business innovation - and also laid out explicitly the innovation goals for their security teams - had a much better chance of reaching their goals.