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Our special report brings together the news, reviews and features you need to help make that all-important decision about whether remote and flexible working is right for you and your organisation.

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Want to know how everyone else is doing it?

Editor Maggie Holland is working in the office this morning, then from home this afternoon.

News and Features Editor Nicole Kobie is working from home and braving the British weather at some point during the day to see how much she can get done in a park.

Technology Editor Benny Har-Even is working from someone else's home for most of the day as he has young children to contend with.

Staff Writer Asavin Wattanajantra is working from home and plans to check out just how good his local coffee shop's free Wi-Fi is later on.

Staff Writer Jennifer Scott plans to take her own advice by stopping for a proper lunch break, a working lunch that is. She's going to see just how tech friendly her local public house is.

Flexible working news round-up

National Work From Home Day approaches

Virtual meetings could save businesses billions Flexible working rights extended

UK blazing a trail with flexible working

Southwark Council goes secure with flexible working

SMBs embrace parents' flexible working needs

Tech backs work from home revolution

One in eight now work from home

Your Views: Workng from home

Hard times encourage remote working

Mobile working will boost UK GDP

Flexible working could save staff 500 a year

Flexible working delays slammed

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