£1 million given for ‘ultra-fast’ 10Gbs broadband

An organisation supporting UK businesses has invested 1 million in companies researching ultra-fast' broadband.

The Technology Strategy Board, established by he government to promote UK innovation, is ultimately looking at broadband speeds of between one and 10Gbs said to be 100 to 1,000 times faster than current connections.

There are 13 projects in total, which cost between 30,000 and 100,000. Collaborating with researchers in Europe, these could then lead to better-funded EU research partnerships.

Mike Biddle, lead technologist at the Technology Strategy Board, believes that success could lead to a Europe-wide ultra fast optical broadband network.

Biddle said it had the potential to give European businesses a "major competitive edge" and "change the way businesses operate."

He asked: "Imagine the efficiencies that could be achieved through broadband that's up to 1,000 times faster we have now."

"Then add the opportunities for more flexible working arrangements and you begin to see the many advantages," he added.

One of the projects is a road-mapping study involving BT, Ericsson and Cambridge University, which will seek the most cost-effective, simple and future-proof ways of providing 10Gbs speeds.

Once the study is finished, the results will be made available to the rest of the industry to enable to next stage of development to take place.