IT pros more productive at home

Two-thirds of IT PRO readers are staying home to work today, according to a survey to help mark National Work from Home Day.

Some 41 per cent of respondents always work in the office - maybe that's how they can get away with doing a survey in work time? Another 19 per cent are avoiding the office today, but another 40 per cent are at their desks.

Most IT PRO readers said they had support from their managers to work from home, with 42 per cent saying their managers were fully behind it and 32 per cent claiming bosses didn't mind it. Another 19 per cent of our readers said it takes a bit of arguing to be allowed, and just six per cent must always show up to headquarters.

That's a shame as 59 per cent of our readers felt they're more productive at home, while over 33 per cent are just as efficient. Just nine per cent admit to being less productive at home.

The biggest challenges were distractions around the house and the difficulty collaborating and communicating with co-workers. Others noted loneliness and limited social interaction, their own children, and working longer hours as downsides to setting up shop in the kitchen.

One reader noted the fear of job cuts: "You're an easy target when it comes to head count reduction."

Having the right tech was a problem for just five per cent of respondents, with broadband and email the top must-haves for homeworkers, ahead of even a laptop or mobile phone. That said, priorities were different for some, as a few noted the things they missed most from the office were the coffee machine and the kettle. Doesn't your kitchen at home have one?

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