UK worst tech recyclers

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Just half of Britons bother to recycle electronics making us the worst in Europe, according to a new survey.

All those shiny new gadgets we feel compelled to buy are putting pressure on the environment, and the UK is the most remiss at dealing with it, the research from Dell has shown. Germany ranked top for green IT recycling.

Across the UK, Londoners and the Scottish were the greenest techies, while those in the North East are the least likely to recycle their gadgets. Just one per cent have ever bothered, despite being very willing to recycle other products, like paper and glass.

The Dell research suggested this was partially because people weren't aware of laws that govern tech recycling. Indeed, since its launch two years ago, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive has been a source of confusion to consumers and businesses.

WEEE means many manufacturers and retailers must take back products for recycling something Dell said consumers should take into mind when eyeing up which new PC to buy. It also means local councils are required to offer some sort of tech recycling scheme.

Jean Cox-Kearns, recycling and takeback manager for Dell in Europe, said in a statement that the research suggested "that electronic manufacturers such as Dell need to adopt a more targeted approach in communicating the free technology recycling initiatives available and why it's so important to get involved."

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