One in three UK online shoppers annoyed by logins

The biggest annoyance for one in three (29 per cent) Brits is forgetting their login details when shopping online.

Across Europe though, more than half of shoppers (64 per cent) said their biggest annoyance was poor customer service, leading a quarter of Europeans to say their online shopping experiences were just satisfactory.

When they finally did sort out their logins, one in 14 Brits were willing to part with 5,000 or more if they did find something to buy.

This contrasts with European shoppers, with more than half (53 per cent) unwilling to spend more than 50 at a time online. Overall, the study showed that where satisfaction was poor, consumers spent less money.

The ATG study surveyed more than 6,500 consumers from Europe, with 2,000 in the UK.