McAfee Mac software highlights new risks

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McAfee has responded to growing concerns about Apple-targetted malware by releasing a security suite for enterprises requiring antivirus on the Mac.

The security company has unveiled Endpoint Protection for Macs', suggesting there was growing demand from enterprises to have some kind of security protection on Mac machines in the workplace.

Traditionally Macs had a high take-up in areas like higher education, but there are an increasing number of Apple machines being used by enterprise and public sector, according to McAfee.

It also said that Macs were becoming a bigger target for malware as their market share grew, and that IT departments now wanted to have the same ability to protect Mac machines as they did for Windows-based kit.

"The demand for Macintosh for the enterprise is steadily growing, yet organisations are either not using any security technology for these endpoints, or they are using a standalone non-manageable antivirus protection solution," said Peter Lincoln, an IT director at marketing agency Aquent, in a statement.

"We have to ensure that all our endpoints meet our security compliance requirements no matter what operating system they are running."

More and more malware has targeted Mac machines this year, including the first example of a botnet compromising Apple machines.

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