UPDATED: Google to unveil Chrome OS today

Chrome OS

Google has confirmed that it plans to discuss its Google Chrome operating system later today.

The web giant said on its site that it will broadcast a webcast of an event at its Californian headquarters later today, "to offer an update on Google Chrome OS and provide at the work that has been done thus far, an overview of the technology, and launch plans for next year."

It can be watched here from 10am Pacific Standard Time (6pm GMT).

The announcement confirms rumours that Google would be unveiling its Chrome operating system this week.

According to TechCrunch, vice president of product management Sundar Pichai and engineering director for Chrome OS Matthew Papakipos will demo the system and give a "complete overview."

However, it's unclear whether any of the code would be released.

Google announced the Chrome OS in July, with a host of hardware partners saying they wanted to use it on their netbooks.