Dell releases Chrome OS for Mini 10v netbooks

Chrome OS on netbooks

Dell has released its own experimental version of Google's newly unveiled Chrome operating system, so users can download it and use it on their own netbooks.

Earlier this month, Google released the code for its Chrome operating system to the open source community - where it's called Chromium - but devices running the web-focused OS won't hit shelves until late next year.

After noticing that others had managed to install the OS on a netbook, Dell technology strategist Doug Anson started "tinkering" with it on a Dell Mini 10v.

He's made his successful attempt available for download here.

He warns that it is experimental, however. "Obviously, this image comes with absolutely no support of any kind and is to be considered highly experimental and completely unstable," he wrote.

Is it any good?

Anson said boot time appears to be about 12 seconds, a bit slower than the seven seconds Google promised - but the web firm has said it wants the OS to run on specialised equipment to help speed it up.

"Without a network connection, ChromiumOS is not very interesting." he said summing up his thoughts on the code. "With a network connection, ChromiumOS shines."

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