Starting out in business is the real game

When you tell someone you are starting up a digital media company they often ask for clarification. When you then tell them you are focusing on development, in particular online gaming, they seem to think you are either talking about gambling, or they lose interest because "they don't play games on their computer" at least in my experience so far.

At the outset, what I really wanted to say, was "Our first major project is a safe, online, learning and social environment to inspire children, aged 4-11, in learning and development through play and exploration. Essentially we are using serious gaming to help put the fun back into maths and science." Surprisingly, it has taken quite some time to get this far the actual development has been a lot simpler.

The next major challenge has been acquiring hardware, software, and trying to work from home something we'll explore next time.

Jason Slater is a columnist for IT PRO and has just set up his own company.

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