MoD experienced more than 1,000 cyber attacks in 2010

Security attack

Secretary of Defence Dr Liam Fox has revealed that the Ministry of Defence dealt with more than 1,000 cyber attacks on UK interests last year.

The revelation comes after 650 million was pledged in October to protect important national assets from cyber crime, including a planned Global Operations and Security Control Centre.

At a speech to business representatives for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fox explained that there was a "continuous battle being waged" against the UK by an "invisible enemy."

"Our systems are targeted by criminals, foreign intelligence services and other malicious actors seeking to exploit our people, corrupt our systems and steal information," he said.

Fox revealed the number of attacks had doubled since 2009. He described the threat as "growing in scale and sophistication" and said the attacks extend to defence contractors and suppliers as well as official Government departments. Fox said the MoD was a "prime target".

The Defence Secretary explained that the attacks on the defence industry represented "systematic marauding."

"Not only could it severely affect the future success of British industry, our economic advantage, and the country's financial recovery - but also directly impacts upon our national security today," he said.

"The risks to defence are real, and I take them very seriously," he concluded.