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Anonymous social network launched to encourage free online speech

Founder of new social network wants to offer users a public forum to discuss "untouchable" topics without disclosing their identities.


A social network has been launched that lets users remain anonymous, leaving them free to discuss topics they may usually feel uncomfortable talking about online.

It's called Social Number (, and enables users to broach topics they would not normally talk about on social networks where they can be easily identified.

Social Number said its rivals were phasing out anonymous users, allowing its website to be one of the few left where people from around the world can openly discuss politics, religion, their personal life and any other contentious topics of their choosing.

To sign up to the service, users just have to think up a unique ten-digit number.

The site provides a screen keypad to enter the digits on sign-up and, once inside, users can start posting.

The website provides very little detail about itself, apart from the fact it was incorporated in the US state of Delaware, and features no adverts.

The chief executive and co-founder of Social Number, who goes by the initials M.K, said the company was empowering users to "have a free voice" and discuss issues that some might deem "untouchable" in public forums.

"Hot button topics like politics and religion to discussing your boss to substance abuse are some of threads users are gravitating towards. But I believe there are many other topics people want to discuss openly without the fear of repercussions," said M.K.

"Today, there is very little privacy on any social network, resulting in employees being fired and government interrogations for free thinking. On Social Number, your number is your only identity, showcasing the true value of anonymity," M.K. added.

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