CES 2013 roundup - 4K technology, mobile processors galore and that Qualcomm keynote

Windows OS still prominent

Asus Vivo Tab Smart

There were many tilting and twisting hybrid devices on offer from firms such as Lenovo. However, the tablet that caught our eye was the rather simple Asus Vivo Tab Smart.

So what's so special about this tablet? Simple, the 399 price of this full Windows 8 device makes it the same price as the less functional Windows RT device. It could be one of the best value Windows 8 devices on the market in 2013.

Sony takes a step back from the cliff

Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z - Waterproof

Although this looks like a capable high-end 5in device, Sony has its work cut out as Samsung is set to launch its highly-anticipated Galaxy S4 in the coming months. RIM is also planning a long-overdue launch of its BB10 range at the end of January, and of course there's the problem of convincing users to ditch their iPhones, which is proving to be tough indeed.

3D is dead, long-live 4K

Instead firms have taken to the idea of promoting 4K (Ultra HD) technology. Although mainly showcased in TVs there were some interesting concepts on show such as the Panasonic 4K tablet.

We feel that 4K looks promising, but there is still a long way to go before it becomes mainstream. There is a lack of content and pricing is considerably higher than full-HD.

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