TomTom chooses Workday to create global HR platform

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Workday is moving TomTom's human resources data to the cloud, in order to give the satnav producer a single source of HR information for its 4,600 employees across 35 countries.

Workday said its Human Capital Management (HCM) tool will serve TomTom’s needs by giving managers visibility and insight into their teams across multiple regions, aiding decision-making, and give employees self-service access to relevant information, all from desktops and mobile devices.

Arne-Christian van der Tang, senior vice president of group HR at TomTom, said: “People and innovation are at the heart of TomTom’s success, which means it’s critical to have tools like Workday in place to continually find top talent and keep our employees engaged as we grow.

“[Workday] understands the importance of an engaging user experience and self-service when delivering HR tools that will help us create a more connected workforce and drive future success.”

The deal with TomTom comes after Workday revealed it had signed 300 companies to its recruitment platform in September.

The company also announced plans to open a new European headquarters in Dublin last year, creating 200 new jobs on top of the 400 staff it already has based in the Irish capital.