Salesforce aims to help manage coronavirus vaccine demand

COVID-19 vaccine container and syringe
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Experts expect the initial demand for the COVID-19 vaccine to outweigh the supply significantly, so managing its distribution will be critical in the early stages. Salesforce aims to help government agencies and health care organizations manage the process with its new for Vaccines solution.

Salesforce’s all-new for Vaccines will give government agencies and health care organizations insight into the challenges that’ll go into the full-scale COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Some of the difficulties it’ll tackle include vaccine and PPE inventory levels, patient eligibility and prioritization, public outreach, patient tracking and even efficacy reporting.

From start to finish, for Vaccines aims to be a complete solution for the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine.

Build atop the existing platform, for Vaccines will allow organizations to manage the COVID-19 vaccine at scale with the following vaccine administration management capabilities:

  • Public Health Command Center: This will provide a comprehensive view of vaccine management data from a single dashboard, including current vaccine inventory, PPE inventory and inventory forecasting.
  • Vaccine Inventory Management: This will give organizations insight into the availability and maintenance of adequate vaccine doses, syringes, and PPE stock levels to meet public health needs
  • Vaccination Appointment Scheduling: This system will allow patients to easily schedule vaccination appointments and will include an online signature capture.
  • Clinical Vaccine Administration: This system will ensure onsite staff is trained in proper vaccine administration and that preapproval screenings are completed to avoid in-office bottlenecks. It also uses AI and data analysis to log and track vaccine administration and the results.
  • Vaccine Outcome Monitoring: This feature will allow patients to self-report their experiences with the vaccine to verify its effectiveness and address any lingering medical concerns post-vaccination.
  • Public Health Notifications: This feature will allow public health officials to curate accurate education and outreach campaigns and rapidly communicate with providers and people via their channel of choice. They can also set automated communications for reminders for booster vaccinations to free up staff for other tasks.

Pricing for for Vaccines will vary. It’s open to all government agencies and private health care organizations. It’ll also include existing Salesforce Customer 360 products.