IBM, Red Hat and Cobuilder reconnect fragmented supply chains

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IBM, Red Hat, and Cobuilder are teaming up to develop a new platform to connect fragmented supply chains in the construction industry.

Using the new platform called OpenBuilt, construction companies can securely integrate their digital solutions with their supply chain partners, suppliers, and subcontractors through a single integration hub.

The OpenBuilt development process will also see participation from five cross-industry partners, including Cemex, EDIN Network, Backe, Sol Services, and Element.

"In pursuing the broad goal of construction industry transformation, there is a critical need to break down the deep silos and fragmentation that exists in how we organise and operate design, manufacture, construction and operation processes,” said Mark Farmer, Cast Consultancy’s CEO.

OpenBuilt’s collaborative development will initially focus on three key areas: establishing OpenBuilt using Red Hat OpenShift running on IBM Cloud to enable construction companies to seamlessly connect their supply chains via the hybrid cloud; integrating IBM solutions and Salesforce’s open APIs into the platform; and creating new flagship applications for searching, filtering, and sorting of technical building data.

Define, Cobuilder's data dictionary solution, will establish a common language within OpenBuilt's flagship applications. Additionally, OpenBuilt will leverage Cobuilder's template-based data structure to make all data machine-readable and interoperable with existing and future systems.


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Users can also build and deploy intelligent workflows via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, said IBM.

"The global construction landscape is evolving and requires a new approach towards industry-wide technology platforms with new levels of openness, innovation and collaboration,” comments Jon O'Donnell, managing partner, IBM Global Business Services EMEA.

“Together with our partners we are creating OpenBuilt to empower the construction industry to break down its silos with intelligent workflows and play an active role in designing and driving its own transformation. Successful companies across the construction supply chain are coming together to embrace a digital future, harnessing the power of an open hybrid cloud approach and adopting new technologies to gain a real competitive advantage. We want to inspire other companies to join us and accelerate the march towards a truly digital construction industry."