Kanglim and Ridecell partner on IoT-enabled industrial mobility platform

Fire truck driving down a city street

Kanglim has announced it’s partnering with Ridecell to build an IoT-enabled mobility platform for industrial vehicles.

A global manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty vehicles, Kanglim produces telescopic cranes, fire-fighting trucks, and road sweepers, among other special-purpose vehicles and instruments.

By partnering with Ridecell, Konglim aims to achieve "unparalleled utilization and uptime" for its fleet of connected vehicles. Under their new agreement, Kanglim's specialty industrial vehicles will be equipped with Ridecell's Fleet IoT Automation technology.

"Specialty vehicles are often delivering essential services, such as electricity repair, military or fire containment," said Dr. Seuk-Kyung Sung, vice chairman and CEO of Kanglim.

"Automating maintenance requirements to minimize downtime is mission critical. Our digital network and the Ridecell automation and mobility platform lets our customers maximize their investment in Kanglim vehicles and keep essential infrastructure running."

Ridecell’s cloud-based automation platform is purpose-built for fleets and helps businesses create custom workflows that automatically detect and diagnose vehicle issues. These issues include placing vehicles in and out of maintenance service, issuing digital keys to drivers and staff, generating insights from fleet monitoring systems, and more.

For an added layer security, Ridecell’s remote immobilization system protects vehicles from unauthorized access.

“The result is a self-acting fleet control system that doesn’t just report issues but automatically resolves issues quickly and efficiently, from start to finish,” explains Ridecell.


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Ridecell has also welcomed Kanglim to its investor community.

"Kanglim and Ridecell share a similar vision of a future where fleets composed of industrial specialty vehicles are achieving unparalleled utilization and uptime," said Aarjav Trivedi, founder and CEO of Ridecell.

"Our tailored automation and mobility platform provides built-in connectivity and out-of-the-box efficiency that keeps Kanglim's vital fleet on the road. Digital transformation for specialty vehicles is the perfect use for the Ridecell Fleet IoT automation and mobility platform, and we look forward to working with Kanglim.”