FileCloud adds no-code automation to its ECM platform

A hand reaching out to a screen which displays automation options

FileCloud has announced its new cloud-agnostic, no-code automation tool: Workflow Automation.

Designed to improve organizational efficiency, the tool allows businesses to create automated yet intuitive workflows without coding. Use cases include document reviews, file requests, autoresponders, invoice approvals, and more.

“The next generation of enterprise productivity will be powered by a bottoms-up, employee-first approach and will require software that empowers workers to create, streamline and automate processes to reduce errors and drudgery,” said Madhan Kanagavel, founder and CEO of FileCloud.

Kanagavel added, “FileCloud's new Workflow Automation connects content, metadata and tasks together and allows incredible power and flexibility as well as a no-code approach to automating enterprise-wide business processes.”


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An all-in-one solution, FileCloud’s Workflow Automation also features flexible infrastructure (self-hosted, hybrid, or cloud), a compliance center, and enterprise-grade file storage. An intuitive interface and drag-and-drop tools make workflow automation a breeze.

Additionally, the platform allows teams to create custom workflows to simplify high-volume tasks, minimizing human error and increasing productivity. An integrated dashboard presents every running workflow so users can monitor real-time progress.

Workflow Automation, which is integrated into FileCloud’s enterprise content management (ECM) platform, comes with a 14-day free trial. As for security, FileCloud meets GDPR, ITAR, and HIPAA compliance requirements. Organizations can scan uploaded files for viruses using any ICAP-compliant antivirus software, including McAfee.

“The move to digital processes and tools to improve efficiency and productivity is at the heart of any digital transformation. Processes such as contract reviews, file requests and invoice approvals can see tremendous returns on time and money once automated,” added FileCloud.