Infostretch and Unqork partner on no-code app development platform

Man at a desk coding software
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Infostretch and Unqork have signed a new pact to help businesses accelerate application design and development.

Unqork's all-visual and no-code platform helps organizations develop custom enterprise applications up to three times faster, without forgoing quality.

Per the new deal, Infostretch will link its digital engineering services with Unqork’s zero-code platform. Specifically, Infostrech and Unqork aim to help enterprises develop applications of any size and complexity.

The Infostrech-Unqork partnership is also geared towards helping organizations update and digitize their legacy systems. Notable platform capabilities include greater control over release processes, secure deployment, and improved compliance.


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“Digital businesses continuously need to evolve to maximize opportunities for growth and innovation. There’s a catch, though - software teams struggle to keep up with the twin demands of maintaining business as usual and innovating digital products, until now. Unqork’s radically simple no-code platform enables large enterprises to build custom, enterprise-grade software faster, with higher quality and at a lower cost,” explained Rutesh Shah, co-founder and CEO of Infostretch.

Due to its intuitive drag-and-drop programming interface, Unqork significantly reduces errors in enterprise software, with fewer than 600 bugs per software unit. Additionally, the platform promises 99.99% uptime. The result is an optimized time-to-market, cost, and maintenance for both customer-facing and internal applications.

“As enterprises face continued pressure to digitize and modernize their operations, more and more are turning to no-code to fuel their digital transformations,” said Christian Barrera, vice president of alliances and ecosystem at Unqork.

“We’re excited to partner with Infostretch to help accelerate the adoption of Unqork, and help our joint customers bring new, higher-quality software to market faster and for less.”