The IT Pro Podcast: What makes a Silicon Valley CEO? (Part One)

The IT Pro Podcast: What makes a Silicon Valley CEO? (Part One)

Whatever your thoughts on the products that come out of Silicon Valley, it’s hard to argue with its impact. The region is frequently hailed as a cradle of innovation, and the companies based there regularly set the agenda for the rest of the world’s technological development. But it’s often said a company is nothing without a leader, so what is it that makes the CEOs of these organisations so successful?

In the first episode of this two-part special, we’ll be talking about the qualities that make a good Silicon Valley CEO, looking at some of the best-known figures within its history and digging into what made them unique.

If you want to hear more, tune in next week, where we’ll be examining some of the less positive aspects of Silicon Valley leadership, as well as discussing what the business community can learn from Silicon Valley’s examples – both good and bad.




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