Yealink reveals first-ever Microsoft Teams-certified collaboration bar

In today’s world of social distancing, widespread remote working is becoming the norm. In some cases, offices are mixed – some employees are working remotely, while essential employees remain in the office. This is where a digital meeting system like Microsoft Teams works its magic. Until today, though, there was no Teams-certified collaboration bar to install at the office, making the camera-selection process a bit of a crapshoot.

Enter Yealink’s VC210 Teams Edition, which is the first-ever Microsoft Teams-certified collaboration bar, and you now have a solution that will work seamlessly with your Microsoft Teams setup.

This collaboration bar is set up for use in either a small room with just a person or two in it or a larger huddle room with a larger team. According to Yealink, you simply plug the VC210 Teams Edition into your display or touchscreen via an HDMI cable and add power, and it delivers a 4K image with 3X zoom and a 120-degree field of vision, eliminating the out-of-view speaker issue other collaboration bars have.

It also includes a remote control so you can change settings and make other adjustments easily. And because it’s Microsoft Teams-certified, Yealink also says it’ll work with all the Team system’s collaborative features, including the whiteboard and content sharing.

The VC210 also works with the Yealink CP900 portable USB speakerphone. The C900 connects to the VC210 Teams Edition via Bluetooth or USB (not sure why you’d want to, though) and offers six-microphone beamforming, so everybody in the room has an equal voice on the call. It also has automatic noise and echo cancelation to deliver clean, crisp audio without the dreaded “there was an echo, can you repeat that” after you just made a brilliant point.

You can pick up the VC210 Teams Edition and the CP900 portable USB speakerphone online through Yealink’s website.