Bigleaf Networks’ AI-powered feature translates network events into actionable risks

Bigleaf risk monitoring dashboard

Bigleaf Networks has announced a new AI-based feature called Risk Monitoring within its Cloud-first SD-WAN platform. The feature addresses the most pressing problem IT companies face today: high risk-alert noise.

"The complexity of networks in today's IT-lean enterprises where they have tens or hundreds of cloud applications running across hundreds or thousands of branch and home internet connections has reached a point where all sense of control and excellence has been lost," said Joel Mulkey, co-founder and CEO, Bigleaf.

"People can't process and troubleshoot the volume of alerts and events on networks anymore. It's not a matter of not wanting to. It's that there's simply too much information, most of which is noise. You've got to have intelligent software to solve this problem. By building a platform that takes control of processing and interpreting those events, we've now established true network control for our customers."

Through contextual alerting, Bigleaf’s Risk Monitoring feature allows companies to reduce the unabating noise. The widget translates high-volume network events into prioritised, actionable risks, slashing the risk-alert noise levels by almost 50%.

Proving its point further, Bigleaf exposed as many as 12 risks in the initial launch of its new feature. The risks include, among others, extended periods of elevated health alarm levels, critical traffic volume exceeding the capacity of backup circuits and site outage.

The feature can also highlight the top three risks out of all risks triggered by a site. Each risk alert presents an easy-to-understand explanation of a threat and how to solve it to allow quick decision-making. Any scenario that poses a risk to a customer's business or its site's continuity will trigger an alert.

"This new feature brings incredible relief to daily pain our customers and others in the industry feel. It also brings significant value to our MSP partners who now have a tool that lets them see risks across all of the companies they manage and helps them better determine where they should spend their limited time and resources to keep their customers happy," continued Mulkey.

Existing Bigleaf customers can access the feature by logging into their Bigleaf web dashboard.