Arcserve looks to pick up ex-Veeam partners

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In light of the recent decision by Veeam to focus on growing their business using fewer partners in the future, rival Arcserve has opened its arms to any reseller looking to build up a long-term partnership with it instead.

Speaking to Channel Pro at Cloud Expo Europe, recently appointed EMEA vice president Mick Bradley, said that in Europe, Arcserve was 100% indirect “and would continue to be so”.

“I’m very passionate about building a business with the channel and also being loyal to that channel,” he said.

Bradley added that there are channel partners that have been with Arcserve for over 20 years and that he believes in "taking the journey together”.

“I’ve seen other companies, and it happens too often, resetting their strategy and saying ‘we are going to focus on less partners and do more with fewer partners’," he said, adding: “We all know what that means”.

Bradley said the industry was in a “perfect storm”.

“The world has changed and there is now no basic backup and recovery. We have globalisation, always-on businesses, and if for any reason, businesses go down, there is a huge financial implication,” he said

Arcserve has recently added cloud to its range of offerings, which Bradley said a lot of resellers like as it compliments what they already have in their portfolios. “We don’t cannibalise their portfolio,” said Bradley.

He added that Arcserve now has a “very rich partner program and game-changing economics”.

“We are giving the channel the ability to have a more profitable business and be differentiated with the solutions set. That’s important as channel partners want to differentiate and bring value to their clients.”

“They want to do that in a profitable way and not turn around in a short period of time and have the goal posts moved.”

Bradley added that in the new financial year, Arcserve’s would be launching a revised channel program that he claimed would be “richer than it is today”.

Rene Millman

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