Compliance through automation and localization

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Automation and localization can both lighten the load for businesses in different ways. 

Without proper localization, a company may find one of its subsidiaries in breach of a regional tax code or data competency requirement. 

Without automation, businesses can languish with manual tasks and find themselves unable to expand and achieve the kind of worldwide growth for which they are aiming.

The onset of AI has also changed this equation dramatically, crossing over with both automation and localization and bringing its fundamental implementation curve.

In this episode, recorded live at SuiteWorld 2023, Rory is joined by James Chisham, VP of product management at NetSuite, to give examples of where automation and localization have been used to address business problems, and to question where AI can fit in the mix.


“What's happening is those tax authorities are going on a digital transformation journey. So they want to be able to capture that data for taxes in near real-time, which is really powering the e-invoicing movement if we can call it that. So countries are hopping on board, you know, regularly and we think our customers need to be ahead of that and be prepared as mandates continue to be introduced.”

“You think about some of the cultural use of language and the intonation. And then I was suddenly questioning, will AI be able to do all of that for us? Even in some of the examples that we've shown this week, you can tell it to simplify the text, but can you give that text subtlety and, again, when you're talking about some very rich languages that exist across the globe could it really do that?”

“We refer to localization here at NetSuite, and certainly in my group, as a continuum. You know, it never stops. It's constantly evolving.”



Rory Bathgate
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