Unraveling the EU AI Act

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The EU’s AI Act has been approved, bringing in sweeping requirements, controls, and regulations for the development and use of AI tools throughout the region.

But what are the precise measures it brings in, how can businesses prepare for the new rules, and what are the penalties for non-compliance?

In this episode, Rory speaks to Nader Henein, VP Analyst at Garner, to explore the implications of the EU AI Act, how companies can prepare for the measures it brings in, and what it means for AI use worldwide.


“The AI Act requires organizations to provide transparency to consumers. So if you’re going to process somebody's personal data, if you're a B2C organization and you're processing consumer data, you need to tell them, ‘Hey, this data you're sharing with us, we're going to use automated decision making to make certain decisions,’ you have to tell people. That requirements for transparency will surface potential violations to the GDPR.”


“A lot of organizations, because of the association of privacy and AI usage of personal information, they're going to pile on some additional responsibility potentially on their DPO or on their privacy team. That's where I expect, initially, the responsibility to sit because if you look at the AI Act most use cases that fall in the prohibited or in the high risk have association with processing of personal information. So it's kind of natural to reach out to the privacy team and say, ‘Hey, can you help us out?’”

“The AI Act is the first iteration of this legislation. Is it perfect? No, it's not. Is it going to be revised in ten years and improved and made more fit for purpose? Yes, it will be. Is it going to take ten years for that revision to happen? Potentially not. The technology is evolving quite fast, so we may find in five years amendments or changes being made to the AI Act to align it better. ”



Rory Bathgate
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