ExactTrak launches USB managed service

Flash storage USB on a computer keyboard
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ExactTrak has signed Fujitsu as the first partner for its new Security Guardian service that allows firms to remotely control data access on a USB memory stick.

The UK firm claims that Security Guardian is the first product fitted with a battery, GPS and GSM to allow user to locate, audit and wipe memory sticks through a cloud-based management console, even when the device is not connected to the internet or in the country of origin.

The product is sold as a managed service through ExactTrak’s partners with typical pricing of around £25 per unit per month which according to Norman Shaw, managing director at ExactTrak is preferable “as this is OpEx rather than CapEx and its these CapEx budgets that are getting culled.”

Shaw believes it is the first device of its kind with the ability to supply a verifiable audit trail using ExactTrak’s own patented technology. “This product will be a real game changer for managing mobile data as its proactive use has the capacity to fundamentally change the commitment corporate operations can give regarding the safety of their data,” Shaw adds.

The built-in verifiable audit trail is aimed at businesses with strict data handling compliance regulations to prove that they remain fully in control of their data, even when it is not in their immediate proximity. Similarly, the ability to turn data on and off is vital for individuals travelling to certain parts of the world where encrypted data is illegal.

The Security Guardian service has been in development for four years and is compatible with the main AES 256 encryption platforms such as BeCrypt and TrueCrypt. Versions of the product exist that can physically destroy the memory chip within the device via a coded SMS. Fujitsu’s Global Cloud Platform is hosting the back-end infrastructure and ExactTrak is currently in discussion with a “major telco” to take the products as an OEM. The UK developer has no current plans to go through tiered distribution but is actively seeking OEMs, resellers and specialist integrators to join its channel programme.

Channel Pro comment:

Although the headline price per year is eye-watering, for certain organisations, the cost compares to the impact of a data loss or fines for compliance failure. The recent headlines over lost USB sticks makes it a timely launch and although not designed for mass market appeal, channel partners with sensitive customers in defence, public sector or financial services could carve out a profitable revenue stream from Security Guardian.