HPE adds partner pages to Cloud28+ catalogue

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has updated its Cloud28+ catalogue, allowing its partners to more clearly show potential customers what they have to offer.

Cloud28+ member spotlight pages, announced today at the CloudFest conference in Germany and available from April, will allow channel companies to publish their own news and updates, as well as search options and services, on the catalogue. This, HPE claimed, will offer partners the opportunity to increase sales and revenue, as they will be able to build a “strong visual identity” on the platform.

More than 750 HPE partners are already part of the Cloud28+ community, HPE claimed, a catalogue of 26,000 cloud and hybrid IT services launched by the company in 2015.

Xavier Poisson, vice president of service providers and Cloud28+ worldwide at HPE, said: “HPE is a partnership-first business. The new Cloud28+ spotlight pages demonstrate this, by offering partners new routes to market and increased visibility.

“Cloud28+ has always been focused on creating a rich and collaborative ecosystem, and now we’re further extending that benefit to partners by giving them a chance to do the same with customers under their own banners.”

Co-founder and VP of research at 451 Research, William Fellows, told Channel Pro: “The main question is whether it will make any difference to the volume of business or transactions being done through the platform. HPE counts Cloud 28+ business at the moment through referrals or leads, there’s no dollar value attached.

“With GDPR coming in, Cloud 28+ could offer some interesting opportunities, but we will have to wait and see.”

Alongside the announcement of member spotlight pages, HPE also teased further upcoming enhancements to the Cloud28+ platform. These will include better management tools, social media integrations and individualised analytics. It will also feature compatibility for multi-vendor and multi-component solutions, with IoT cited as a particular scenario where this would be desirable.

Member spotlight pages will be available from April.

Jane McCallion
Managing Editor

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