Skydox acquires collaboration player Workshare

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Online file sharing service provider Skydox has acquired collaboration firm Workshare, adopting the American company’s name in the process.

The acquisition gives Skydox access to Workshare’s 18,000 customers and 120 staff worldwide.

The move will provide Skydox customers with access to collaboration features that was not previously available to them, while Workshare users will get to experience the power of the cloud for the first time.

Barrie Hatfield, chief technology officer and founder of Skydox, told Cloud Pro that collaboration tools are in high demand from its customers.

“What we were finding is that a lot of our customers, such as NHS, were using Skydox for collaboration...and people were using it as a place to comment and discuss things and version things,” Hatfield said.

Users are notified when they sign into the Skydox system, renamed Workshare, if any document has been changed, where the changes were made and who they were made by.

Document authors can require readers and collaborators to sign a non-disclosure agreement every time they access the file in question.

They can also establish rules making documents inaccessible to people from outside their company and impose limits on how long content can be stored in the cloud for.

The new offering will be available as a free personal edition for individual users, and as a paid-for SMB version for teams of between 10 and 50 people. An enterprise edition for any group larger than that will also be available.

Jane McCallion
Managing Editor

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