HPE announces managed cloud solution with SAP

Blue SAP sign

HPE has launched a managed service SAP offering, with the aim of helping companies make better use of their SAP resources on demand using automation.

Enterprise Solutions On Demand (ESO) for SAP utilises a web-based Service Catalogue, enabling users to increase or decrease their capacity without losing budget. The solution is payable on demand too, ensuring only what is used is be billed for.

The agile business platform provisions SAP resources quickly - within minutes or hours depending on workload, rather than days. They can be scheduled in advance or triggered on-demand, offering much greater flexibility, which is essential when companies need to react more quickly and when building development and testing environments.

This is especially evident in ESO for SAP's “detect-to-correct” predictive capabilities that reduce the amount of time it takes to fix incidents. This reactive environment means companies can be more innovative, ensuring they can respond to the latest demands and ensure business continuity.

Additionally, ESO for SAP is compliant with most industry best practices, with encryption supported for data at rest and in transition. To be further compliant, it uses a local datacentre, ensuring in-country hosting regulations are always adhered to.

“Most businesses are constrained by their traditional IT run-time environments, which possess built-in barriers to innovation and business flexibility such as long lead times for deployment, high total cost of ownership, and skills shortages,” said Eugene O’Callaghan, vice president of workload and cloud at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

“ESO for SAP revolutionises how users consume SAP in the cloud by providing a ‘full stack’ managed cloud service enabling users to directly manage their SAP resources on demand. With ESO for SAP, SAP customers can optimise their IT spend for their SAP ecosystem and become more agile in adding new features to their SAP environments consequently allowing them to focus on their business needs.”

Clare Hopping
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