Anaconda acquires PythonAnywhere in a bid to improve Python accessibility

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Data science platform provider Anaconda has announced the acquisition of PythonAnywhere, a cloud-based Python development and hosting environment.

PythonAnywhere’s platform is designed to remove the burden of infrastructure management and helps Python developers to create web applications in the cloud for collaboration and sharing.


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Anaconda said the added expertise will allow it to better support its community of over 30 million people, as well as ensure that Python developers have access to a cloud-based environment that offers notebooks, tools, and a simple way to collaborate with their team.

In an announcement, Anaconda CEO and co-founder Peter Wang noted that non-programmers are the fastest growing group of Python users today.

“For Python to maintain this growth and remain the most widely used data science programming language in the world, it’s imperative to increase accessibility and remove barriers to collaboration,” he said. “With the PythonAnywhere acquisition, Anaconda will extend its services to all Python developers while building on capabilities for data scientists, engineers, data science enthusiasts, and students.

“This is an exciting milestone for our company, and we’re thrilled about the opportunity to strengthen the breadth of our Python offerings.”

Founded in 2012, UK-based PythonAnywhere has since accumulated 400,000 users across 100 countries and hosts over 50,000 websites.

The firm’s acquisition follows hot on the heels of Anaconda’s release of PyScript, an open source framework running Python applications within the HTML environment. The provider said that both the PythonAnywhere acquisition and the development of PyScript are central to its focus on “democratising Python and data science.”

“Anaconda’s commitment to advancing and supporting the Python community aligns with what has made PythonAnywhere successful,” said Giles Thomas, founder of PythonAnywhere. “We’ve experienced incredible growth as a company, creating a tight-knit community by simplifying a complicated process.

“By joining the Anaconda team, we can merge our cloud execution platform with Anaconda's expertise and experience in numerical computing—we’re looking forward to the opportunities and innovations we’ll accomplish together."